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KnowledgeLake Capture 4.9 and Office 365

KnowledgeLake recently announced the release of KnowledgeLake Capture 4.9 with support for Office 365.  KnowledgeLake Capture enables end users to scan and index documents, then store them in the appropriate SharePoint repository in TIFF, PDF or XPS file format. 

Capture 4.9 is the first version of this market leading solution to offer compatibility with Microsoft’s Cloud computing platform, Office 365.  This means KnowledgeLake can now be leveraged by companies who want to gain the benefits of cloud computing, such as low cost and high availability, with the assurance of enterprise grade document management digitization capabilities, an area that was once reserved only for large organisations.

KnowledgeLake Capture now joins KnowledgeLake Connect as an Office 365 ready application.  For more information on Microsoft Office 365, please refer here.

Following is an excerpt on configuring Capture 4.9 for Office 365 from Jeff Borghoff, a Sr. Technical Architect at KnowledgeLake and a CDIA+, SharePoint 2010 MCTS/MCITP and an AIIM SharePoint Practitioner & Specialist.  For the full article, please refer here.

This post will explore the ease of set up of a Capture 4.9 profile for Office 365, which is a brand new feature of the previous versions of Capture. A wizard makes the whole profile making process easy, and a profile is identified by a unique Profile Name.

You’re given the opportunity to enable Image Enhancement, Barcode Detection and OCR functionality for the profile you’re creating.  These setting can be change later if desired.

The primary purpose of KnowledgeLake Capture is to get your hard copy paper in to digital media and ingested in to SharePoint.  In this example I’ve selected my network attached scanner.  Capture will work with any TWAIN or ISIS driver.  You can also setup the Capture profile for File Import if no scanning hardware is available.

A great feature of KnowledgeLake Capture 4.9 is that there are some intentional similarities between configuring Capture and Connect for Office 365.  The Site URL is my Office 365 TeamSite sub web, Claims is the Credential Type and my User Name is again as it appears in the User Management console of the Admin site of my Office 365.  Again, as with Connect there will be no Domain required nor a ADFS URL.

After you’ve validated your credentials you’ll see in fact that Capture recognizes my Office 365 Team Site as a SharePoint 2010 site, it is after all.

You’ll select the site to want to work with.  There could be many sites (sub webs) in the site collections to select from.  In this example there is only one to select.

You’ll select save documents to a Microsoft SharePoint site and allow for Auto Foldering, a technique created by KnowledgeLake to mitigate the limitation of objects in folders inherent to SharePoint.

Capture supports several output file types, I’ve selected Searchable PDF/A for this example.

Setup is complete.  Select the Finish button and on to scanning.  It’s important to point out that all the settings selected during the Wizard can be changed in the Options of Capture from the main menu.

The first time a profile is used you’re prompted to select a default release to Content Type.

I’ve scanned my two page document.  Because I’m using my KnowledgeLake Reserve columns my Capture Index panel prefills with lots of juicy metadata.  I select the Accept button and release my batch.

A few seconds later my document is in my Capture document library in my Office 365 Team Site, indexed and ready to search and retrieve.


If you would like more information on KnowledgeLake or Office 365 please contact us.

Author: Natascha Dunwell

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    Clayko Group - Company Blog >KnowledgeLake Capture 4.9 and Office 365
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