Document Scanning Services

Our document scanning Perth services are a cost effective and efficient method of converting your paper based documents into a digital format which can then be used, stored, accessed, transmitted and viewed on computers or tablets.

Clayko Group combines document management hardware and software along with 25 years of experience to provide a total solution for both your scanning and business needs.

Key Benefits of Document Scanning

  •          Share information easier and on a global scale
  •          Find documents faster saving time
  •          24/7 instant access to your documents
  •          Reduce the cost of storage
  •          Regulatory compliance for  industry
  •          Have Disaster Recovery
  •          Green initiatives with reduction in printing
  •          Customer satisfaction with information made available quickly

What Clayko can offer

Scanning services

A total document scanning bureau facility that is fully equipped to meet your requirements. We scan from Business card size to Large plans A0, into PDF, Tiff or jpeg.

Specialist Scanning Software Solutions

These include KnowledgeLake or Custom client solutions

Full onsite scanning and conversion services

A range of document management hardware, software and specialist tools and training for those businesses that seek an in-house scanning solution

Document Management Systems

Powerful, innovative and elegantly simple solutions to effectively meet the many critical challenges of effectively storing, managing and retrieving files and data, including emails, these included Microsoft Sharepoint, KnowledgeLake or a custom client solution.


Business Solutions

Clayko group combines document scanning with its Business Solutions for specific departments such as

Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable

Document manage for accounts payable and receivable will improve efficiency with helping users create, distribute, capture and index all the AR documents, Purchase orders, bills and  invoices electronically.

Claims Processing

Improves the efficiency and accuracy of claims allowing for prompt customer service. In claims processing, our solutions capture claims from paper, email or fax and extracts the information which is then verified and transferred into any computer system automatically.

Human Resources

HR solutions will help ensure compliance with regulations and enable fewer people to do much more, such as track all your personnel information resumes, cover letters, vacation requests, salary increases, sick leave, employee reviews, disciplinary action, training materials and policies.

Contract Management

Ensures a best practice approach to any businesses contracting operations by allowing efficient location of contract documents, management of regulatory requirements and internal policies, control over authoring, approvals, renewals and retention.

Other Business Solutions

Discuss with Clayko group your business requirements and a solution can be tailored to suit.


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