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KnowledgeLake 2010 feature update

Author - Phil Duffy

With SharePoint 2010 becoming more in demand since it's official release and extensive marketing campaign by Microsoft bringing the new and improved features to the attention of more people. I've been running through a number of scenarios with the KnowledgeLake product suite around its 2010 compliance and future feature releases to enhance that support.

Capture Products

The two client based capture products are both currently SP 2010 compliant, which means you can scan and index documents sending them straight into SP 2010 and also support the 64 bit environment if needed on the server for testing purposes. This allows you to use the full features of the latest Capture and Connect including;

  • Microsoft Office integration to capture full office documents or screenshots
  • Added barcode recognition and image enhancement features to the directory watcher option, which has always been there for the usual scanning process - which offers a simple level of automation, reducing reliance on end-users remembering that there are batches waiting to be indexed
  • Advanced engines for barcode recognition and image enhancement that offer more features for advanced processing

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